Bc3 Music Newsletter – October 2015

Welcome back to the monthly Bc3 Newsletter! Each month or so I’ll pack the best dance music news, upcoming artists/albums and updates on my music into a single post. I’m trying to keep the information unique, concise and relevant to all electronic music lovers.

Keeping the good stuff coming this fine fall month – Been spending more time lately on music and loving it! I have a live set to share with you all as well as some fresh compilations and my top 5 tracks for October.

  • New Bc3 Mix: Live at Drop
  • Bc3 Top 5 Singles – October 2015
  • Must Hear Artist Album: Emancipator – Seven Seas
  • Must Hear Mix Compilation: Positronic Collective
  • New Mix Compilation: We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 5
  • New Podcast: Nifra – Rebel Radio


New Bc3 Mix: Live at Drop 10-2-15


I finally got around to uploading my first set from Drop nightclub! This is a more energetic progressive mix of mine that we ended the night with. The most called out tracks were delicately either the Lana Del Rey or Pink Floyd remixes. Lots of other top notch progressive gems from Matt Fax, Eelke Kleijn, Andrew Bayer, Dirty Vegas and much much more.



1. Celebrate Life (Extended Mix) by Eelke Kleijn
2. High by The Beach (Blake Jarrell Remix) by Lana Del Rey
3. Strong (Jonas Rathsman Remix) by London Grammar
4. Neuron (Original Mix) by Pryda
5. Wish You Were Here (Blake Jarrell Remix) by Pink Floyd
6. Something About You (Original Mix) by Grum
7. Supertaper (Original Mix) by Matt Fax
8. Formula None (Original Mix) by Lange
9. We Don’t Stop (Original Mix) by Kaskade
10. I Got Pills (Original Mix) by Fon. Leman
11. Days Go by (Ali Bamshad Mix) by Dirty Vegas
12. Connekt (Original Mix) by Steve Haines, BUDD
13. All Over The World (Tom Staar’s 5am Black Out Remix) by Above & Beyond
14. Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Original Mix) by Andrew Bayer
15. Frozen (Wippenberg Remix) by Dogzilla
16. There’s No Time (Original Mix) by Fon. Leman
17. Static Noise (Matt Rowan & Jaytech Remix) by 4Mal Pres Square Coil
18. Mirror Maru (Melvv Bootleg) by Cashmere Cat
19. I Need Love (Spektre Remix) by Tomcraft
20. Joy Is Pain (Original Mix) by PROFF


Bc3 Top 5 Singles – October 2015

  1. (Progressive) Steve Haines, BUDD – Connekt
  2. (Progressive) Matt Fax – Tumble
  3. (Progressive) Pryda – INOX
  4. (Electro) Mr. Milk Carton – Valley of the Giants
  5. (Progressive) Jaytech & Matt Fax – Aeris


 Must Hear Album: Emancipator – Seven Seas


I have some new smooth, uplifting, ethereal chill-hop to share that keeps the beautiful violin alive and relevant. Great for morning sunrises, or any other time you want to turn down and fade away.

Stream Full Album on Youtube
Digital iTunes Purchase

Track list:

1. All In Here 05:20
2. Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant 03:59
3. 1993 05:02
4. Ocelot 04:36
5. Vision Quest 05:33
6. Land & Sea feat. Molly Parti 06:01
7. Canopy 06:03
8. Delta Trance 03:01
9. The Key 05:31
10. Oasis 04:52
11. Honey 03:59
12. Barnacles 06:08


Must Hear Mix Compilation: Positronic Collective


Jaytech’s music label is become quite mature as shown in this new 2 disc compilation. It’s a proper split of uplifting energetic club tracks on the first disc with a smooth downtempo blend on the second. Lots of amazing new progressive collaborations and remixes on this one – be sure check it out!

Unmixed Youtube Compilation
Digital Purchase


New Mix Compilation: We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 5


Don’t let album cover mislead you – this is a high quality, colorful mix of new house and trance bangers put together by the legend himself. It’s quite a wide range of styles with lots of vocals and most tracks demand respect on the dance floor.

Free Stream on Spotify
Digital iTunes Purchase

New Podcast: Nifra – Rebel Radio


After 100 episodes of her radio show “Be Progressed” the Queen of Trance, Nifra, has revamped her show with a new title and feel. It now a bit harder and faster due to the increased focus on trance. Although only 2 episodes in this is looking to be a solid show that’s more than worthy of a free subscription.

iTunes Subscribe


Thanks for all the love and support!
❤ Bc3

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I've been absolutely captivated by electronic dance music, particularly progressive house and trance, since 2001. My love for music has consistently grown since then and has since spilled over into the live mixing world. My goal is to propagate positive energy in whatever ways I can; music included. Mix Archive: https://bc3music.net/public/Mixes/

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