Bc3 Music Newsletter #36 December 2020

Welcome back to the Bc3 Newsletter! Each month or year… or decade or so I’ll pack the best dance music news, upcoming artists/albums and updates on my music into a single post. I’m trying to keep the information unique, concise and relevant to all electronic music lovers.

2020 is almost over… let’s end it on a good note!

  • New Years Eve Bc3 Twitch Stream 12/31
  • Bc3 House Livestream Recording: The Joy of Funking Around
  • Must Hear Artist Album: Trance Wax – Trance Wax (2020)

New Years Eve Bc3 Twitch Stream

This New Years Eve a lot of us are stuck indoors with small groups or even alone… screw that! Figured it was a good idea to rally the troops virtually and rage together the best we can over the interwebs. Going to host a Twitch stream that night with myself and multiple other DJ friends. The full night’s lineup is yet to be determined but already have 4 DJs confirmed. Tune in and vibe with us!

Visit the below website Thursday December 31st at 9 PM MDT (10 PM CDT) to start you weekend early or watch past recordings anytime.

Tune in and Follow BcIII on Twitch

Bc3 House Stream: The Joy of Funking Around

Short Clip from the Night 11/5/20

Old school new music. I reached back to my Chicago roots with a fun blend of funky, groovy soulful HOUSE music. Classics and new hits all jumbled together for your listening pleasure. Hard not to dance if you blast it; highly recommended.

Click Here to See the Video Recording on Twitch (Partially Muted)

Click Here to Listen to the Full Audio Recording on MixCloud

Must Hear Artist Album:

Trance Wax – Trance Wax (2020)

Trance Wax used to make DnB but recently has dabbled with fresh remakes of trance classics and has caught a lot of attention (understatement). Lots of memories tickled despite the music sounding fresh and new…

Full Trance Wax Album on Youtube

Click Here to Stream on Spotify

Click Here to Purchase on Bandcamp

love you all, thx for the support!

Published by Bc3

I've been absolutely captivated by electronic dance music, particularly progressive house and trance, since 2001. My love for music has consistently grown since then and has since spilled over into the live mixing world. My goal is to propagate positive energy in whatever ways I can; music included. Mix Archive: https://bc3music.net/public/Mixes/

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