Bc3 DJ Live Stream Tomorrow Night!

All this quarantine time has got me back to DJing! Going to give the live stream thang my best tomorrow night at 8 PM MDT on my Twitch channel. Decided upon House, Progressive and Tronce vibes (my Bc3 style) for my first one with a bass one (BcIII) to follow next month or so.

You are welcome to tune in tomorrow night at 8 PM MDT, 9 PM CDT


Feel free to drop song requests to me in the meantime! No promises but all submissions considered.

Published by Bc3

I've been absolutely captivated by electronic dance music, particularly progressive house and trance, since 2001. My love for music has consistently grown since then and has since spilled over into the live mixing world. My goal is to propagate positive energy in whatever ways I can; music included. Mix Archive: https://bc3music.net/public/Mixes/

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