Bc3 Music Newsletter #33 July 2020

Welcome back to the Bc3 Newsletter! Each month or year… or decade or so I’ll pack the best dance music news, upcoming artists/albums and updates on my music into a single post. I’m trying to keep the information unique, concise and relevant to all electronic music lovers.

We all need music more than ever to get through this crazy year. I hope to help!

  • New Website!
  • Upcoming BcIII Bass Twitch Stream
  • First Bc3 Livestream Recording
  • Must Hear Artist Album: Luttrell – Lucky Ones (2020)
  • Must Hear Artist Album: Clozee – Neon Jungle (2020)

Bc3Music.net Website Update

My website got a makeover! Lookin’ fresh, check it out at https://bc3music.net

Upcoming BcIII Bass Twitch Stream

My first attempt at live streaming a DJ set was super fun; going to repeat with a lot more polish and focus as well as a very different music style coming from my BcIII alias. Expect a lot of new and classic Breaks, DnB, Bass, Dubstep and Glitch Hop for this one!

Visit the below website July 11th at 8 PM MDT (9 PM CDT) to see me spin this mix live or visit early to watch past recordings.

Tune in and Follow BcIII on Twitch

First Bc3 Stream Recordings

Short Clip from the Night 6/13/20

June 13th I threw together my first DJ set on Twitch putting together a bunch of house, trance and progressive. Click below if you missed it or want to relive part of it.

Click Here to See the Video Recording on Twitch

Click Here to Listen to the Audio Recording on MixCloud

Bc3 Top 5 Singles July 2020

  1. Techno: Lights & i/O – Annihilation (2020)
  2. Bass: LSDREAM & Champagne Drip – Eternal Now (2020)
  3. Dubstep: Eptic – Beyond the Stars (2019)
  4. Trip-Hop: Break Science – SuperMoon (2018)
  5. Chill Progressive: AMTRAC – Never Lost (2017)

Must Hear Artist Album:

Luttrell – Lucky Ones (2020)

Luttrell (previously known as M Machine) has done it again with his smooth, eccentric progressive sound. Great album for a beach or mid-day sun if I say so myself. The somber yet uplifting start gives way to a more jacked vibe with ‘My Friend the Sun’ and ‘Synergy 2000’ then finishes with a chiller, trippy vibe.

Official Music Video for “Lucky Ones” Single

Click Here to Listen to Album for Free or Purchase

Must Hear Artist Album:

CloZee – Neon Jungle (2020)

CloZee has been killing it recently and her new album continues the evolution of the sound she has unique trademarked since her first album ‘Revolution’ dropped 2016. Chill tribal trip-hop future-bass would be some words that come to mind. Starts ethereal and smooth and then it brings in some upbeat male lyrics for ‘Us’ with an energetic ‘Winter is Coming’ ride to follow. Tranquil, smooth end with a solid rap by Sir Bishop in ‘Long Live the Chill’ to break it up. Highly recommend you also check out the Android Jones VR visual music video that were created for the release!

CloZee x Android Jones x MicrodoseVR Presents: Neon Jungle Audio Visual Experience

Click Here to Listen to Album for Free or Purchase

love you all, thx for the support!

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I've been absolutely captivated by electronic dance music, particularly progressive house and trance, since 2001. My love for music has consistently grown since then and has since spilled over into the live mixing world. My goal is to propagate positive energy in whatever ways I can; music included. Mix Archive: https://bc3music.net/public/Mixes/

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